for those who can read and write...

a poll.

One of the questions that comes up frequently when I speak with librarians, teachers, and editors has to do with "young adult" (YA) literature. Technically, YA is for ages 12 and up. Chris Crutcher, Francesca Lia Block, Scott Westerfeld, Ellen Hopkins, Tamora Pierce, Stephenie Meyer, and S.E. Hinton are all considered YA novelists.

But who is reading these books?

Are the readers 10 or 16 or 24? Is it feasible to publish novels for college students -- and call them YA? Or are sophomores reading adult books for pleasure?

If you're a teenager interested in taking this poll, email me. (I'll send you the poll as a .doc file -- you can copy it to your "reply" screen and send it back, filled in.)

Thanks in advance.

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