lost people.

We all have them -- people who were important to us at a certain point in our lives. People we've lost track of. People we want to find again. (But not if they want to write a children's book, alas. Those people always seem to find me.)

Here's my list. If you are any of these people, or know them, please email me.

long island
Ruth Corwin
Cary Friedman found!
Mel Kohn close to found
Barbara Schmall found!
Barbara Spiridon found!

sarah lawrence
Claire Savage found!
Mia Mayer found!
Cynthia Goodman found!
Gaby Tana

bread loaf
John Craig

Sharon Daly found!
Josh Rubin found!

Eric Alterman found!
Glenn Healy close to found
Mac True found!
Simon Walsh found!
Ralph Smith (AKA RRS) found!

Laila Farcas-Ionescu found!

Nancy Carey found!
Steve Dodson found!
Karen Gilbert
Misha Glassman
Helen Hester found!
Karla Katz
Mary Pottinger found!
Barbara Ruth found!
Susan Stahl

lost places
Abraham & Straus
the Automat (which I used to visit with my mother. Maybe I will buy some of an Automat)
B. Altman's
Bonwit Teller
The Bottom Line
Camp Barstow
Dubrow's Cafeteria
The Eighth Street Bookstore
La Fondue
Howard Johnson's (no, they are not the same now)
The Minka Tea House
Mother Courage Restaurant
The Palladium
Various perfumes (I love this site)
the Peacock Caffè
The Ritz
Speakeasy Antiques now reinvented on eBay!
The Stone Cellar
Bert Sussel's
The Thalia (the original, not the remake)
Theater 80 St. Mark's
Woolworth's (in the U.S., anyway -- they're still around in the UK. Thank you, Husnah!)

Thanks in advance for getting found.

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